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Sue and Franco are expert family report writers

  • A Family Report is a document written by a family consultant.
  • It provides an independent assessment of the issues in the case and can help the judge hearing the case to make decisions about arrangements for the child/ren.
  • The best interests of the child/ren are the main focus of the report.
  • It may also help the parties reach an agreement.
  • In preparing the report, the family consultant considers the family’s circumstances, explores issues relevant to the case and recommends arrangements that will best meet the child/ren’s future care, welfare and developmental needs.

Our Family Consultants

Our Family Consultants are experienced & compassionate psychologists and/or social workers specialising in child and family issues surrounding relationship breakdown and post separation parenting arrangements.

Further general information about Family Consultants can be found on the Family Law Courts website.

Specific information about our Family Consultants & Fees can be found below.

Susan Buckley

Psychologist, Family Consultant, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner & Specialist Family Report Writer

Susan Buckley is an experienced Psychologist, Counsellor, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Regulation 7 Family Report Writer.


With more than twenty years experience in private, community and government organisations, she has been preparing Family Reports in the family law area to assist parents, legal practitioners and the Court implement appropriate post separation parenting arrangements for children.

Gianfranco "Franco" Urlini

Family Consultant & Specialist Family Report Writer

Franco is an experienced Family Consultant and Specialist Family Report Writer.


From his many prior years employed as a Counsellor (Family Consultant) at the Family Court (almost from its inception) and at the Federal Magistrates Court (now the Federal Circuit Court), Franco gained extensive experience in report preparation and cross examination.

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