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Relationship & Family Counselling:

We offer individual, family and relationship counselling and a range of specialist counselling services. We provide therapeutic, reportable and non-reportable counselling.

Our counselling services are conducted face-to-face in a compassionate & caring way in our inner city location.

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Counselling for Separating / Divorcing Couples:

Separation can be a difficult time for everyone in the family.
Counselling can help those who are separating and/or divorcing to deal with (sometimes) intense emotions such as grief, loss, anger, betrayal, shame and guilt.

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Counselling can also help to process what has happened, to move forward in a constructive manner & to assist in regaining a sense of purpose and optimism in life.

One of the main benefits of Counselling is being able to work through the problems of separation with a neutral person who has no investment in the outcome. It can also be useful to have a space to reflect on the changes that are happening and consider the impact of decisions that need to be made around children, work, finances and extended family.

Following a relationship / family breakdown, most move on to living rich, happy and rewarding lives. Many people re-partner while others do not. There is no right way to succeed after separation.

Relationship and Family Counselling:

Counsellors are unbiased and neutral.
They do not make judgments about who is right and who is wrong.
They provide an opportunity for couples to decide what they want and what they need to change.
Counsellors do not try to persuade people to stay together or to separate.

Other counselling specialty areas:

  • Grandparents eager to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren
  • Kinship carers for children
  • Same sex couples
  • Multicultural issues and concerns
  • Child development needs such as attachment and bonding concerns or children with special needs such as medical, psychological or emotional issues
  • Options: Individual, child / relationship and family counselling including Rural.