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Our specialist Family Consultants offer the following services:

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Family Reports

We specialise in preparing Family Reports.

Often in a dispute involving children, the Court may order a Family Report (Welfare Report) to be prepared by a Family Consultant.

Alternatively, a Family Report may be requested by you or your lawyer if you are having difficulties resolving any issues in dispute, or simply to assist with future parenting arrangements for children.

Our Family Reports include detailed information & guidelines addressing such issues as the care, welfare and development of the children.

We welcome enquiries from legal professionals regarding the preparation of a Family Report.

Please see important note regarding confidentiallity . . .

Family Dispute Resolution

Our role is to assist you and guide you towards resolving your matter other than via Court litigation.

We find that many Family Law disputes are able to be settled in an amicable, fair and efficient manner prior to an otherwise very time consuming, expensive and emotionally stressful Court resolution.

Please see important note regarding privacy & confidentiallity . . .

Additional information about our Dispute Resolution services can be found here:

Dispute Resolution

Relationship & Family Counselling

We offer individual, family and relationship counselling and a range of specialist counselling services.

Additional information about our Counselling services can be found here:


Our Family Consultants

Our Family Consultants are experienced & compassionate psychologists and/or social workers specialising in child and family issues surrounding relationship breakdown and post separation parenting arrangements.

Further general information about Family Consultants can be found on the Family Law Courts website.
Specific information about our Family Consultants & Fees can be found here:
Family Reports Melbourne specialise in preparing Family Reports for individuals and legal professionals. We also offer dispute resolution to assist you in resolving your matter other than via the Courts. Based at 200 Queen Street Melbourne, we also offer specialist counselling to individuals & families in a compassionate & caring way.